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Being accused of a violent crime is serious business. Being convicted of a violent crime is graver still. Violent crimes are given much importance, both in federal and state courts. A conviction may bar you from getting work, and could lead to countless future consequences. Even a misdemeanor assault conviction can affect your ability to get certain jobs, higher education, and housing.

Violent crimes are also challenging to litigate. Assaults and others forms of violence go to trial more often than any other type of crime.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, the experienced attorneys at Scozzari Graham, PLLC can provide you with the representation you need to ensure the optimal legal outcome.

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If You have been accused of a violent crime, James Scozzari is the Attorney for you.

James Scozzari is well-known as an award-wining attorney, one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Grand Rapids. A skilled trial attorney, James is known for doing the work required to build a strong case for each client prior to and at trial. And James has proven trial experience representing clients charged with serious violent offenses.

His proven defense process includes thoroughly reviewing the case against you, including the evidence, police reports, police procedure, and witness statements. He looks for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. He often conducts his own investigation to counter the state’s version of events, when appropriate. If he finds that your rights were violated, he engages in vigorous motion practice to argue for the suppression of evidence and/or the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

At Scozzari Graham, PLLC, we strongly believe in the fundamental tenet of justice that that each client is innocent until proven guilty. We also take seriously each person’s right to a fair trial.

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A prominent member of the Grand Rapids legal community, James Scozzari specializes in criminal defense and family law. He is known for his thorough preparation, his skill in the courtroom, and his empathetic approach to each client.

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